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Dr. Rohit Rao
Dr Soumya Podury
Published Online: October 21st, 2020 | Read Time: 2 minutes, 17 seconds

Why this book? It was the question that prompted us to find answers in this form. Despite obtaining rigorous theoretical and practical lessons duringpost-graduation, most of today's Ophthalmologists are finding themselves in gridlock when confronted with actual clinical and surgical situations. In the present era doing fellowships has become of utmost importance because, in fellowships, they are hand-held further a while before letting on to the field. Fellowships help in shaping up the future, aid to have maximal clinical and surgical exposures. This special experience instills a strong foundation for a successful career to young doctors sailing on the learning curve. Like in all streams medicine, the availability of multiple options is making the web more complex. The key is to choose the right training program suiting best to one's interests, and dexterity has become precious. There is no centralized admission process and counseling. Many times residents conduct a fishing expedition to decide which institutions to apply, when to apply, and/or how to apply. In this process, they lose substantial opportunities besides wasting time and energy. This booklet intends to bridge the gap between young Ophthalmologists and the esteemed ophthalmic institutions. The lack of a comprehensive list of institutions providing fellowships led us to compile this e-book. We hope it will aid all fresh pass-out residents, who, despite having abundant talent struggle to hit the best out of available fellowships, to shape their future happiness. Feel free to reach us at and to send your feedback.

Dr. Rohit Rao & Dr Soumya Podury

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