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H00-H06 Disorders of eyelid, lacrimal system and orbit

H00 Hordeolum and chalazion
H00.0 Hordeolum and other deep inflammation of eyelid

Furuncle      of eyelid

H00.1 Chalazion
H01 other inflammation of eyelid
H01.0 Blepharitis Excludes: blepharoconjunctivitis
H01.1 Noninfectious dermatoses of eyelid

· allergic
· contact                                                      of eyelid
· eczematous                                     
Discoid lupus erythematosus

H01.8 Other specified inflammation of eyelid
H01.9 Inflammation of eyelid, unspecified
H02 Other disorders of eyelid
Excludes: congenital malformations of eyelid
H02.0 Entropion and trichiasis of eyelid
H02.1 Ectropion of eyelid
H02.2 Lagophthalmos
H02.3 Blepharochalasis
H02.4 Ptosis of eyelid
H02.5 Other disorders affecting eyelid function
Lid retraction
Excludes: blepharospasm, tic (psychogenic)
H02.6 Xanthelasma of eyelid
H02.7 Other degenerative disorders of eyelid and periocular area
Madarosis              of eyelid
H02.8 Other specified disorders of eyelid
Hypertrichosis of eyelid
Retained foreign body in eyelid
H02.9 Disorder of eyelid, unspecified
H03* Disorders of eyelid in diseases classified elsewhere
H03.0* Parasitic infestation of eyelid in diseases classified elsewhere

Dermatitis of eyelid due to Demodex species
Parasitic infestation of eyelid in:
· leishmaniasis
· loiasis
· onchocerciasis
· phthiriasis

H03.1* Involvement of eyelid in other infectious diseases classified elsewhere

Involvement of eyelid in:
· herpesviral [herpes simplex] infection
· Leprosy
· molluscum contagiosum
· tuberculosis
· yaws
· zoster

H03.8* Involvement of eyelid in other diseases classified elsewhere
Involvement of eyelid in impetigo
H04 Disorders of lacrimal system
Excludes: congenital malformations of lacrimal system
H04.0 Dacryoadenitis
Chronic enlargement of lacrimal gland
H04.1 Other disorders of lacrimal gland

Dry eye syndrome
· cyst
· gland atrophy

H04.2 Epiphora
H04.3 Acute and unspecified inflammation of lacrimal passages

Dacryocystitis (phlegmonous)
Dacryopericystitis                                        acute, subacute or unspecified
Lacrimal canaliculitis
Excludes: neonatal dacryocystitis

H04.4 Chronic inflammation of lacrimal passages

· canaliculitis                            chronic
· mucocele

H04.5 Stenosis and insufficiency of lacrimal passages

Eversion of lacrimal punctum
Stenosis of lacrimal:
· canaliculi
· duct
· sac

H04.6 Other changes in lacrimal passages Lacrimal fistula
H04.8 Other disorders of lacrimal system
H04.9 Disorder of lacrimal system, unspecified
H05 Disorders of orbit
Excludes: congenital malformation of orbit ( Q10.7 )
H05.0 Acute inflammation of orbit

Osteomyelitis                            of orbit

H05.1 Chronic inflammatory disorders of orbit Granuloma of orbit
H05.2 Exophthalmic conditions

Displacement of globe (lateral) NOS
Haemorrhage                            of orbit

H05.3 Deformity of orbit

Exostosis               of orbit

H05.4 Enophthalmos
H05.5 Retained (old) foreign body following penetrating wound of orbit Retrobulbar foreign body
H05.8 Other disorders of orbit Cyst of orbit
H05.9 Disorder of orbit, unspecified
H06* Disorders of lacrimal system and orbit in diseases classified
H06.0* Disorders of lacrimal system in diseases classified elsewhere
H06.1* Parasitic infestation of orbit in diseases classified elsewhere

Echinococcus infection of orbit
Myiasis of orbit

H06.2* Dysthyroid exophthalmos
H06.3* other disorders of orbit in diseases classified elsewhere

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