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DNB Question paper 2014 (June)

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 Case of the month will be posted online monthly and can be used as an educational tool for post graduate students, house staff, faculty and other members of the ophthalmic community.

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New POWERPOINT presentation uploaded !!!

Amblyopia by Dr. Sonia Singh
Anatomy of the Lens by  Dr. Anmol Naik
Bacterial Conjunctivitis by Dr. Vaibhav Sharma
In Vivo Confocal Microscopy by Dr Rohit rao
Principles of corneal suturing by Dr. Pramod Kumar
Corneal Topography by Dr. Bhairavi Raut
Vitrectomy in Children By Dr. Sunil Zanak
Lasers and Newer Treatment Modalities in Glaucoma by Dr. Swati Gupta
Optic Neuritis Treatment Trial by Dr. Vijay Joshi
Pediatric Cataract by Dr. Nadisha Puri
Peripheral fundus & its disorders by Dr Rohit Rao
Phacodynamics by Dr.Vaibhav Sharma
Retinopathy of prematurity  by Dr Rohit Rao
Scleral Buckling by  Dr. Swati Gupta
Traumatic Hyphema and Glaucoma by Dr Rekha Khandelwal
Uveitis Investigations & Treatment by Dr Rohit Rao
Vitreous Substitutes by Dr.Sasya Ravuri

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DNB Question Papers 2013 December Special thanks to Dr. Siddharth Sheth

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Tips & Tricks of Treatment from the experts !!


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Fellowship in Ophthalmology

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Illustrated Anatomy of Eye

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