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Doctor heal thyself ! by Tandava Krishnan Pankanati

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25 Basic Questions from Residents to the Academic Directors of Three Premium Eye-care Institutes in India

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Optic Nerve in Diabetes by Dr. Puspalata Agroiya

Ocular Manifestation of Immunological Disease by Dr Ajay Kumar Gupta

Optic Nerve Head Evaluation in Glaucoma  by Dr Laltanpuia Chhangte

Ocular Blunt Trauma by Dr. Ahmad Navid


Diabetic Retinopathy for the Comprehensive Ophthalmologist, Second Edition

by: Raj Maturi, M.D. | Jonathan D. Walker, M.D. | Robert Chambers, D.O. 
Paperback: 370 pages | ISBN-13: 978-0-9821472-2-1

The book is available for free download (ePub & pdf Version)

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Dr. Gayathri Srikanth has shared two very useful video tutorials with us.

Pupillary Examination

Ptosis Evaluation

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